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Create a community of trust around your events, offerings, content and digital products - all in one portal.

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Maintain an intimate & cohesive group experience across virtual & in-person events

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Live broadcasts & Livestreams
Integrate directly with Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Discord, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook for livestreamed sessions all in one place.
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Engaging Brand Content
Integrate and streamline your content from across the web into one space to make it easy to find and share.
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Paid Membership w/o Limits
Take payments with custom, branded tools for event ticketing, subscriptions, donations and more.

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Share Payments with Cofacilitators
Skip the accounting and reconciliation. Share revenue with your team and let us handle the hassle.
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Content Curation w/o 3rd-Party Ads
Group cohesion grows with a safe place to gather and interact
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Group Chat w/o Data Mining
Members coalesce around content without distraction and diversion

Explore a live cartera

At cartera, we’re ready for a new way to bring community together, one where we’re safe to share ideas, creativity and experiences without the influence of algorithms and advertising..


We work closely with our facilitators to constantly add new features and expand our capabilities. We take a hands-on approach to your success.

Pull your network together from across the web

Integrate and stream your content from Youtube, Discord, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook into one space - ad free and easy to find!

Monetize your content from across the web so that you can create a passive revenue stream with your protected content.

Unify your network

Collaborative payouts, on your terms.

Cartera is made for collaboration with payments between multiple facilitators managed and distributed on the terms you set.

Track and manage payments, members, collaborators, ambassadors and more. Your community’s communication, purchase history and content are always kept private.

Send / Recieve Payments

Insight into your community.

Expand your marketing reach with advanced analytics and a robust suite of tools that give you insight into where and how your community is growing.

We give you full control of how your followers, fans and users can access and experience your content from across the web within a safe and secure interface free of ads, algorithms and data-mining.

Expand your reach

Unify all your platforms.

Cartera connects directly with Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Discord, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook and more!
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Unify your network

Always Free For Hosts

No monthly membership fees or subscription minimums.


$ 3.99
Per member flat fee
Per member flat fee

Processing Fee

% 3.99
Merchant Processing Fee
May vary*

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