Host a community of trusted exchange.

Collect payments, Ticket, stream and Centralize content from across the web, Chat and collaborate with your members and team - all in one place.

Activate your Cartera
The intimacy and chemistry of a
cohesive group experience.

Create a secure interface that activates your brand and passion in one unique experience.

A cartera brings together live broadcasts / livestreams, engaging brand content and community interaction.

Activate Your Community
Leading federal and state
Weekly payouts from tickets and sponsorship sales.
No waiting.
Advanced communications tools to engage with online or in-person event attendees.


No Upfront Fees. Pass Costs to Your Members

Get Started
Flat Per Member Fee for Access
Merchant Processing Fees (may vary)
The intimacy and chemistry of a
cohesive group experience.


Avoid confusion around when and how to join sessions and access content with tools to reach your community and invite them directly into your cartera.
Expand your marketing reach with a robust suite of tools that give you insight into where and how your community is growing. 
Engage and activate your customer base with a customized user experience across ticketing and payment pages, coupons and ambassador programs, and other messaging and social functions.
Track and manage payments, members, collaborators, ambassadors and more. Your community’s communication, purchase history and content are always kept private.


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